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Landmark in the West Village

Published 05/21/2013

When you think of Greenwich Village, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the neighborhood’s rich history with the creatively minded. But did you know that there’s a 111-year-old organization that uses the arts to directly help the community?

Greenwich House ( was first established to assist New York’s new immigrants to adjust to life in the city. These days, its multiple programs and centers help people from almost every section of NYC’s increasingly diverse population, from children to seniors. It also provides a rich tapestry of cultural programming.

Here are some reasons to visit Greenwich House:

1. The Greenwich House Music School has been active for 108 years now, offering scholarships based on need and merit, for students wishing to take classes in music, art and dance. The Music School also provides classes for almost 200 low-income children who attend public schools with no music programs.

2. Since 1909, the privately-funded Greenwich House Pottery offers art and ceramics classes to people of all ages looking for a creative outlet. Its exhibitions act as a wonderful way to bring people in the community together as well.

3. The House’s Barrow Street Nursery School helps children develop both socially and mentally, through classes focused on creativity and artistry. Clearly, it’s doing a good job – the school has been popular since it opened in 1919.

4. Greenwich House keeps kids mentally stimulated and inspired during breaks in their education, with after school classes and the Visual Arts Summer Camp. Anyone who’s ever witnessed four young children all joyfully painting one huge canvas at the school can attest to the value of these programs.

5. In a five-star Yelp review, one happy Greenwich House Pottery student gleefully noted after a lesson that her instructor Peter would “do the Ghost thing on request.” Patrick Swayze would be most proud.

Image courtesy of:  Vivienne Gucwa

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